Sapporo storage system can have glass sliding doors or plywood doors
Sapporo storage system with castors and oak doors
Home office with all-white STUA designs: Deneb table, Gas swivel chair and Sapporo library
Reception with Sapporo storage system, Deneb table and Globus chairs in oak
Sapporo system can have castors for 1 or 2 shelves, or fixed legs untils 6 shelves
Sapporo storage system has white legs
Home office with all-white STUA designs: Deneb table, Gas swivel chair and Sapporo library
Sapporo storage system, design Jesus Gasca
Sapporo library with warm grey doors
Sapporo can be loaded because there is a hidden aluminium beam in the front
Timeless interior with large library and Malena armchair, Zero table with Globus chairs. Walnut wood.

  • Sapporo shelves is a refined and versatile storage system. It can be used as an individual shelf element, or stacked up to six shelves high.
  • The units sit on a white steel base or can be fitted with white castors. The one with castors it's only stackable up to 2 units high.
  • Each Sapporo shelf includes the guiding system for the sliding doors. The option for the doors allows the system to have an open or closed look. A wide selection of sliding doors are proposed for Sapporo: from clear or frosted tempered glass, to several veneered wood finishes. Doors can be added or removed without altering the structure.
  • Sapporo shelves are always finished in white lacquer, like Sapporo's snow in Japan, and comes in a standard width of 120 cm.
  • DESIGNER: Jesús Gasca



The Sapporo shelves have a few hidden innovations that make it special:

  • - STACK: Sapporo units can be stacked, even they can be un-stacked to create new units.
  • - WHITE: the system is always white
  • - BEAM: the front of every shelve of Sapporo is a strong aluminium beam to maintain the shelves straight even if there is a big weight on them.
  • - GUIDES FOR DOORS: every beam includes two upper and lower guides for the front doors. So all Sapporo are ready to have sliding doors when you want.

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