Marea table: three heights and three frame finishes
Los Angeles Stahl House: Marea sidetable with black frame and walnut top
Marea table with black stained ash top
Marea table with walnut and black base
Malena armchair with white frame with Marea table
Marea coffee table with white frame and oak top
Marea coffee table with white frame and oak top
Marea table is perfect to be next to a sofa
Los Angeles Stahl House: Marea sofa-table with chrome frame and walnut top
Marea table can be used as a small breakfast table
Basque Culinary Center San Sebastian: lounge area with Nube armchair and Marea tables

  • Marea coffee table is a slim and elegant table, with an aluminium base in a star shape.
  • Marea is a versatile table that can help us to work with our laptop or can be used for dinner next to our sofa or armchair. Even works as a small dining table.
  • Diameters: 60, 70 & 80 cm
  • Heights: 40, 55 and 73 cm (16", 22" and 29")
  • Finishes of the top: white lacquer, oak, walnut & whiteHPL.
  • Specially for restaurants STUA offers a new square tabletop size of 70 x 70 cm in white HPL.
  • DESIGNER: Jesús Gasca



Marea table innovations:

  • - ALUMINIUM: the light base is made of injected aluminium.
  • - LIGHT: every detail of the design has been considered to make it light.

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