STUA Costura armchair sideview
Malena armchair design Jon Gasca
Eclipse nesting tables: 4 sizes, 4  heights, 4 finishes
Satellite acoustic panels design Jon Gasca
Upper view of Nube armchairs with Kvadrat Divina Melange fabric

Jon Gasca, San Sebastian, 1967.
Industrial Engineer in the Universidad de Navarra. Jon Gasca is the son of Jesus Gasca, the founder of STUA, where he has developed all his designs. His designs are contemporary while timeless.

His design portfolio includes the following products:
– Costura sofa collection.
– Solapa tables
– Malena armchair.
– Nube armchair, designed together with his father, the founder of STUA Jesús Gasca.
– Eclipse nesting table.
– Satellite acoustic panel system.

Jon Gasca has been the art director of STUA for more than 20 years.
For STUA he has edited the books “A Simple Way”, “Travel Journal”.

One of his passions is art and communication.
Design blog:
Art blog:
His own photography:
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