Globus in plastic with black frame
STUA Globus colours palette
Globus chairs with black frame in Stone design studio
STUA Globus in walnut and oak
Homevice studio with Globus chair and Zero table in oak
Villarcayo House by Pereda Perez: Deneb dining table with Globus chairs.
Large Lau meeting table and Globus chairs, in black
All white Globus chair
Globus chairs with white frame and oak seat and back
All white Globus chair
Villarcayo House by Pereda Perez: Deneb dining table with Globus chairs in white
Globus chairs
Globus chairs in Colouricious colours around Lau table in ash
Globus chair with stainless steel frame
Terrace with Globus chair and Zero table
Terrace with Globus chair and Zero table
Alligator farm: wintergarden with outdoor Globus chairs and Zero table.
Outdoor Globus chairs with stainless steel frame
Pool with outdoor Globus chairs

Globus chair is a light stackable chair with a refreshingly original design. The curved shape of both chair backrest and seat offer an exceptionally comfortable seating position. The expressive, even voluptuous lines of the whole chair are beautifully crafted and smoothly integrated to constitute a design that looks perfectly finished from every angle. The metal structure is available in chromed-steel or stainless steel, with well-finished smooth curves and quality fittings. The seat and backrest are made of veneered multiply, finished in natural wood, wood lacquered or in polypropylene.

  • The seat can also be upholstered with fabric or leather.
  • The indoor frame is proposed in matt or shiny chrome or lacquered in white or black.
  • The outdoor frame is made of matt stainless steel.


  • Globus chair has now 10 unique colours specially developed so that they can be mixed around one table. The colours can be arranged with a pale palette or with a vibrant array. Mix them following your own personal taste. Options now are endless. Colours: white, orange, red, light blue, light pink, green, stone, taupe, brown and black.
  • DESIGNER: Jesús Gasca




The innovation of Globus chairs comes from three different aspects:

  • - BACK DESIGN: the organic-evolving shape that holds the backrest with extraordinary comfort. A shape that has become a recognizable design icon.
  • - FRAME: the super slim stainless steel frame is very strong and usable outdoor.
  • - STACKING: the design of the chair allows endless stacking.

globus inspiration
globus in houses
globus in projects
globus technical images
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