Gas swivel chair with black frame in cognac leather
Gas swivel chair in black leather
Stahl House LA: home office with gas chair with leather seat and back
Gas swivel chair in the three frame options: white, chrome and black
Gas task chair with black frame and black ecoleather seat and back
Home office with all-white STUA designs: Deneb table, Gas swivel chair and Sapporo library
Gas auto-return swivel chairs in the three frame options: white, chrome and black
STUA office meeting room with two large Zero tables, and Gas auto-return chairs
Detail of Gas swivel chair with white frame
Gas with chrome frame and different upholstery options
Home office with Gas swivel chair with chrome frame and leather seat and back
Nonna offices with white Gas chairs
Cosin Offices Valencia: Meeting room with Gas swivel chairs in happy Divina Melange colours

  • Following the Gas chair design, Jesus Gasca has created the Gas swivel chair collection.
  • Gas swivel chair has an exclusive base, that has been developed to match the frame design. The comfort of the Gas swivel chair is the one of Gas chair, with the extraordinary lumbar support.
  • The swivel Gas chair is proposed in two base configurations:
  • - Task armchair with castors & adjustable height. A perfect chair to work both at the office or at home.
  • - The visitor or conference chair. Fixed height on a five star base with glides and auto-return function. Perfect as visitor, meeting or conference chair.
  • Gas swivel chairs always come with armrests. Finish of the frame for swivel chairs: shiny chrome, or powder coated in black or white.
  • DESIGNER: Jesús Gasca



The design of Gas chair is visionary. The aim of Jesus Gasca while creating this chair was to make the most beautiful and light frame that could have any type of material for the seat and back.

  • - SURFACES: Jesus Gasca investigated looking for the most comfortable surface design that would hold human body. So the seat and back are curved in three dimensional surfaces that have just one purpose: the comfort of the seating person.
  • - ALUMINIUM: all the chair frame is made of injected aluminum. Light and recyclable.
  • - SHAPES: the shapes of the aluminium frame are mate to avoid any welding.
  • - SEAT & BACK: the seat and back can be of Polypropylene, fabric or leather upholstery.
  • - MESH BACK: the back has the option of being made in mesh, which allows lightness and it is a "breathing" material.
  • - SLIM BASE: the design of the base has been made to be as light as possible, to match the frame design.

gas swivel inspiration
gas swivel in houses
gas swivel in projects
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