LA Stahl house: Costura sofa and armchair together with some Solapa tables and Marea sidetable.
Living room with a clear Costura sofa and a couple of Solapa tables
Costura in camel colour Elmo Baltique leather, with Solapa tables.
Costura in Elmo Baltique camel leather
Side view of Costura sofa upholstered in the highlight fabric FIA410
Frontal view of Costura sofa upholstered in the highlight fabric FIA410
Back view of Costura sofa upholstered in the highlight fabric FIA410
Costura sofa has two position legs
Costura sofa with chaiselongue and Costura armchair in Dove Boucle
Complete Costura collection: sofa, chaise, armchair and ottoman
Costura sofa’s chaiselongue can be places in any of the sides of the sofa
Costura in Elmo soft grey leather
Costura armchair in Bolgheri textile with Solapa table as console
Costura armchair with coral boucle upholstery
Costura chaiselongue as standalone with Lau Console
Costura sofa with chaiselongue with an additional ottoman
Costura is now a sofa system
Costura sofa has a collection of 18 fabrics. The covers of Costura are removable.
Costura sofa has a thin frame. Costura has pillow style cushions
Costura has two position legs. Costura has moving chaiselongue

  • Costura sofa collection is a Jon Gasca design for STUA.
  • Costura sofa refers to the noble tradition of tailoring that has guided the design process. In San Sebastián, home of renown fashion designers like Balenciaga, small ateliers have dressed citizens during decades with impeccably tailored suits and dresses.
  • STUA wanted to bring this tradition back, working with artisans, to create a piece of upholstery that is like a suit that covers the innovative inside structure. One more time, STUA delivers a surprising design that reflects the timelessness adding an innovative spirit.
  • Costura now offers an endless configurations.
  • COSTURA TEXTILES: STUA has a collection of 20 fabrics in stock. These are fabrics that are specially suitable for the design of Costura. One of them is the highlight fabric, Airone 410, has 10 days delivery time.
  • COSTURA IN LEATHER: STUA offers Costura in six leather colors, four house leathers and also in Grey Elmo Soft and Camel Elmo Baltique.
  • OTHER KVADRAT TEXTILES FOR COSTURA: please look at the FINISHES option in this same page, to see which Kvadrat textiles have been approved and to which price group they belong.
  • DESIGNER: Jon Gasca





Costura sofa collection looks timeless but there is plenty of innovations involved in it:

  • FRAME: The frame of Costura is a strong plywood shell. This makes the sofa frame super strong and slim. So that the can save space at home.
  • UPHOLSTERY: Costura sofa upholstery has many details of traditional tayloring.
  • LEGS: the legs are made of injected aluminium with a plastic stopper for a perfect fitting on the floor.
  • TWO POSITION: the legs can be positioned in a frontal way to have a more minimal look, or angled to get a more classical look.

costura inspiration
costura in houses
costura in projects
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